Altom Newsletter, 4th Quarter – 2018

2018 – Fast Paced Year

We are Growing…As mentioned in our last newsletter we continue to expand. With our operations in Canada building and our regular terminals continuing to hire more staff, we are positioned well for a strong finish to 2018. We continue to hire more quality and qualified drivers each month and our clients continue to put heavy freight transportation demands on us. If you know a driver that likes to work hard and earn good pay this is the time to join Altom Transport. Upgraded equipment, solid paychecks, fantastic healthcare benefits, top notch training and a quality work environment are just a few of the many compliments to joining the Altom Transport team.

Digital Toxicity

In 2018 we find ourselves in a digital world and technology continues its reach into our daily and hourly lives. But with that comes responsibility. Technology helps us in the transportation business and keeps people informed and aware which is good for business but too much technology has its drawbacks.

Do your devices take you away from other tasks, activities, or time with family and friends? Do you watch TV instead of going for a walk? Do you watch 1-2 more episodes of show instead of getting another hour of sleep? Do you answer texts and post on social media instead of talking to the person you are sharing a meal with? What about just feeling too reliant on your mobile devices: Do you get anxious if your battery is running low? How many times a day do you check your phone, even when there are no alerts? Is your phone the first thing you look at in the morning and the last thing you look at before you go to sleep?

If you answered yes to most of the questions above, you may want to take some time to reflect on your use of technology. Of course, we need technology, it’s part of our professional and personal lives, but the goal is to find a healthy balance. Need help with that? Don’t hesitate to ask.

INTERMODAL Continues Its Growth

The Houston Texas Intermodal operations are up and running with new clients coming aboard almost weekly. We currently have over 20 dedicated operators working the Intermodal business. Yes, we need to continue to hire Intermodal drivers to expand this operation. The Altom intermodal group primarily serves the Port of Houston and other Gulf Coast terminals. We will continue the expansion to meet customer demand so all opportunities are being explored.

As a reminder, we handle both Iso tanks and flexi tanks utilizing a variety of chassis such as Z Chassis, Spread Axle Drop Chassis, Single and Combination Chassis, Lift Chassis. Interested in this opportunity? Contact us today or apply online at