Altom Newsletter, 4th Quarter – 2014

2014-Changes In Fuel Costs Continue

It’s true. We certainly seem to be seeing the effects of the Shale Oil boom with retail gas prices down more than $0.50 cents per gallon from the high in April of this year. That is great news for consumers and that means annual savings of over $500.00 for the average U.S. household. U.S gasoline is being exported at record levels for this time of year. Record domestic oil and gas output is flooding the country with cheap and abundant energy which is what most people have been clamoring for over the past several years. And yes the U.S diesel average fell to $3.656 which is its biggest decline in a over a year. Diesel has dropped more than $0.36 cents per gallon since its 2014 high of $4.021 in March. OPEC production levels are still high and prices of diesel could become impacted by refinery capacity. This time of year refineries slow their output due to seasonal maintenance transitioning to winter fuel blends. Continued low prices could help further spending by consumers heading into the holiday season. I think it is safe to say that consumers would rather spend money during the holidays on items other than fuel for their vehicles.

Staying Healthy During The Cold and Flu Season

Did you know ? Every year, 98 percent of all employees are affected by minor illness. And just how are those germs getting passed around the workplace ? A virus on one person’s hand can be transferred up to six times. Adults touch their faces an average of 15.7 times every hour, and they transmit those germs to the surfaces they touch. How many railings, seats, buttons, handles and more are you touching in your workplace environment?

Many think of the bathroom as the source of all bad germs, but the break room may also be one of the dirtiest places , according to a recent study.

Most people are aware of the risk of germs in restrooms. But the study shows that areas like break rooms have not received the same attention. Heating up lunch, making coffee or typing on keyboards are ways that workers are potentially contaminating the workplace.

And just where were the most germs to be found?

· Water fountain buttons
· Refrigerator door handles
· Desk keyboards
· Microwave door handles
· Break room sink faucet handles

Other sources of germs? Watch out for coffee pots, phones, computer mice, restaurant tables, stair railings, elevator buttons, vending machine buttons, lobby furniture, sink sponges, office mugs and copy stations. Germs can live on hard surfaces for up to 48 hours.

Drivers Wanted

Make sure to keep those driver referrals coming in and you can cash in BIG…and remember to check with Terminal Operations to find out about the latest incentives. Quality– Experienced- Professional- Owner Operators and Company Drivers WANTED.