Altom Newsletter, 4th Quarter – 2013

Truck Drivers’ Role and Responsibility Increases

With Truck Drivers continuing to play a major role in moving goods and services across the highways, and new rules and regulations coming into play to make our roads safer, it is imperative that these drivers are the best in the business. Companies like Altom Transport have developed a rigorous training program and new hires must be able to demonstrate not only the ability to maneuver a truck and trailer safely, but also manage the wide variety of chemicals and products shippers and consignees are looking for every day. The rewards are great for those drivers that are conscientious about their truck as well as other drivers on the road, tight operations at terminals and facilities, and demanding safety measures implemented by almost everyone. It is imperative that all drivers take an extra step in their daily routine to make sure that tractors and trailers are safe, as well as carefully reviewing the products and chemicals they are about to load and deliver. Mistakes cost everyone and no company wants to lose a driver over any error, but especially a mental mistake that causes an accident or incident. Unfortunately, mental mistakes and careless driving are reasons drivers get terminated and they are completely avoidable. If driving is your means of making a living and is your career, being careful and avoiding mental mistakes is how you make the most money and assure that you have a long and fruitful career in the transportation industry. Transportation companies need it, but shippers and consignees demand it. Take the extra time and be thoughtful and careful. Also make sure you have all of the proper equipment necessary for the pick up and delivery before you even start your day. Assume nothing!

Cameras – Watchful Eye or “Big Brother”

Altom continues to grow and with more trucks on the road the incident rates continue to climb. It seems inevitable, but is it really? Many trucking firms are testing out “Dash Cams” and so far the results are impressive but not everyone thinks they are a great tool. A recent Altom Transport driver who installed his own “Dash Cam” saw the positive side of having this new tool go to work for him. During a routine drive thru a couple of close intersections, at a very low speed, a driver of a car jammed on his brakes causing the driver to rear end the car. Upon inspection of the accident by the Police the driver played the video for the officer on the Dash Cam to prove he was not tailgating, and was certainly not the cause of the accident. The Police office agreed and no citations were issued to the Altom driver. Affecting insurance claims is also a potential benefit for all. And now, at least two major railroads are reportedly installing cameras in their locomotive engines. A trend that is going to continue? Quite possible. The review from transportation companies is that this is possibly something that many major trucking firms will go to in the future. Is Big Brother watching? Not really, but if you are neglectful and in the wrong it will certainly be possible that you will find them difficult to defend. Stay tuned.

HELP WANTED-Company Drivers and Owner Operators

Altom Transport is continuing to hire both company drivers and owner operators for various locations within their North American network. Interested? Contact us here on our website: Already a driver for Altom Transport? Get yourself a BONUS Referral! $$$$$ Refer a friend or someone you know that is qualified and you could get some extra CASH.

Equipment for Sale

Looking to buy or sell newer tractors or trailers? Please check our website for updates on available equipment for sale. Also, do you have some late-model equipment for sale? Reach out to us thru our web site. We are interested in taking a look at equipment that meets the high standards that Altom Transport, Inc has established. Give us a call or send us a message.