Altom Newsletter, 2nd Quarter – 2013

2013 Business-Opportunity-Challenges and Growth

2013 continues to be a challenging and yet opportunity-driven year for the bulk transportation industry. While the debate rages on with E-logs and hours of service campaigns, trucks continue to move on along with drivers getting the itch to move on. In 2011 and 2012 there was a great deal of movement by drivers jumping to the oil industry and specifically into the oil fields in North America. The “grass is greener” mentality paid out for some, but for many others it was an experiment that did not pay out in great dividends. In 2013 there still appears to be drivers that want to check out opportunities that come up with existing trucking firms offering “bonus” or “sign on” monies to lure the better drivers over to their side of the fence. Unfortunately, that old saying that the “grass is not always greener” comes into play in many instances. The best advice? Communication! Talking with dispatch or the terminal manager will often get you the information you need to hear or see “in action” so you can make an informed decision as a driver. The E-log and HOS issues are not going away, but they are not issues that are meant to take away from the transportation industry. Good drivers and good companies find a way to make it all fit, and make money while doing it legally.

New “economy’ predictions

Altom is like most transportation companies. We depend on a strong economy to drive production, manufacturing, and spending to make the economy purr along and keep transportation at high-demand levels. With housing starts up at a rate of 29% this year so far that is very promising. That increase along with housing pricing on the rise is very encouraging. Energy is another common thread that is up and with an increase of 15% last year in crude oil production that has lent itself well to supporting the transportation sector. Tanker loads are reportedly up over 6% this year which continues to support that the energy sector is still booming. So where does that leave companies like Altom Transport? Well the common theme is that we are always in need of good company drivers and owner operators.

HELP WANTED-Company Drivers and Owner Operators

Altom Transport is continuing to hire both company drivers and owner operators for various locations within their North American network. Interested? Contact us at Already a driver for Altom Transport??? Get yourself a BONUS Referral $$$$$ Refer a fried or someone you know that is qualified and you could get some extra CASH.

Equipment for Sale

Looking to buy or sell newer tractors or trailers? Please check our website for updates on available equipment for sale. Also, do you have some late model equipment for sale? Reach out to us thru our website. We are interested in taking a look at equipment that meets the high standards that Altom Transport, Inc has established. Give us a call or send us a message.