2013 Business-opportunity Challenges and Growth

2013 is pushing through the first quarter and spring is approaching. The national economy is moving along at a steady pace and the stock market seems to be setting new highs once again.

For the transportation business we are following tha t same trend. Business is brisk and Altom Transport is staying ahead of the curve. We continue to invest in new technologies to support and improve our operations. We continue to hire additional people to fill necessary roles both operationally and also continuing to search for the best drivers to fill vacant spots and take on new business that we have secured. Our focus this year is to continue to grow where we can maximize our resources and look for business growth within our core customer groups.

With changing technology and new developments, we are becoming more proficient at routing, forecasting, communicating, and strengthening our customer access to real time information. Our focus is also targeted at ongoing training and support for our many drivers across the country. With changes in technology, you constantly need to train on new software and capabilities to help ensure that our drivers and support staff are getting everything they can out of the systems.

Our first quarter will also see continued emphasis on health and safety. All company personnel will have an opportunity to participate in health screenings and drivers will see and hear about important issues related to safety and best practices. On the health side we continue to provide important information to all employees and their families . Health and Wellness tips from the Horton Group provide useful information and is constantly distributed to all our employees. The most recent Health and Wellness tips from The Horton Group discussed how eating out can be healthy. For everyone seeming to be on the fast-track every day, it seems impossible to eat healthy while eating out. Read up on how a healthy diet can still be maintained even when you have to eat out more often that you might like to.