2012 Coming to a Close and 2013 Racing Into View

Winter is approaching quickly and with that the roads become a bit more treacherous. “Slow down and give traffic more space” is the common words we all hear in the winter months when rain turns to ice and snow in many parts of the country. Whether you are in a car or truck, the advice is sound. We all need to focus on not only our own driving, but that of others as weather conditions can change quickly in the winter months. Be alert and be safe.

On the economic front the news is that construction spending is continuing to climb and that is good news all across the transportation industry. The “data” gleaned from the Associated General Contractors of America indicates that year over year spending has continued to increase. For those of us in the bulk transportation industry we see some of that effect in hauling various chemicals for many companies that feed or support the construction industry. The growth has been steady although not exactly “robust” as some have indicated. The energy sector continues to grow thru many of the shale oil fields and related operations. According to Bentek Energy, an energy data analytical unit of Platts, crude oil production is projected to rise 74% by 2022. As we have seen in recent years there has been a tremendous amount of activity in the trucking industry around the swelling shale oil operations and this seems to be a hot spot for continuing activity. That does not bode well for the projected driver shortages being felt in various parts of the country both today and in the future. Although in some instances driver shortages do not seem to exist — good quality drivers are always in need.