Now Hauling Crude Oil!

In following the company mantra of being a “Specialized Carrier of Petroleum & Chemical Products”, Altom Transport, Inc. has opened up crude oil hauling operations in Texas. There is now an overwhelming run on many of the oil and gas shale plays that are now becoming a productive resource across North America.

Altom has now become one of the select players in the hauling of crude oil from some of shale formations that are actively being drilled and extracted. According to industry sources there are many shale formations that are now accessible thru changes in drilling and extraction technology. These shale formations run from western Texas up thru the Dakotas and Canada and well into the Eastern U.S. That is great news for both the petroleum industry as well as the general consumer that is growing tired of our dependence on foreign oil. Estimates on the actual number of available barrels of oil keeps changing but it is being touted as more than some of the finds of oil in the middle east.

With this new activity the transportation industry and other supporting interests are well positioned to grow and prosper. This recent activity should help with the unemployment situation. According to The American Petroleum Institute it is estimated that the increased oilfield activity could create 1.4 million new jobs. That is great news and as evidenced by Altom’s new start up, we are adding to the fleet and growing our base of business in Texas as a beginning. There are already 8 trucks engaged in crude oil operations with more on the way as this opportunity takes hold.

The new operations are vigorous and exciting and require new trucks and trailers with specialized equipment. There is some training required and the days are long but the job is still the same in terms of getting the product on the trailer safely to its destination. That can be an issue however, because there is very little infrastructure in some of these areas the driving and wear and tear on equipment will be very demanding. It is not for the faint of heart or for those unwilling to put in a hard days work.

If you are interested in more information on this particular opportunity please contact our safety department. We are continuing to hire qualified drivers and place new equipment into various areas each month. Stay tuned for more updates as we accelerate this business well into 2012 and beyond.